Walking To Burn Belly Fat – Does It Work?

One of the most common cardio workouts which we all do in our day to day life is walking. Human beings are “walking machines”. You’d be amazed how far you’re capable of walking even if you’re not in shape.

Walking is an excellent way to burn belly fat. No, walking isn’t as effective as running as the latter is the more intensive workout. However, walking does have its benefits:

  • It’s easier on the knees. Running isn’t recommended for people with knee problems.
  • You can do it practically anywhere and in almost every condition. Even when it rains you can walk with an umbrella in hand and it’s a lot of fun.
  • It’s easier to make walking a social workout as it’s easy to talk while you walk.
  • Walking allows you to enjoy the scenery more.

hiking coupleWhether you walk around the block or go on a hiking trip, walking is an effective way to burn body fat.

As you already know, to burn belly fat, you need to simply shed body fat, since we lose fat from all over our body or not at all.

Therefore, even though walking isn’t the mosteffective cardio workout and it doesn’t directly work the abs, it is still an activity which burns fat, gets the blood flowing and the heart pumping and is considered super-healthy by many experts.

Therefore, if you hate running or you’re just not fit enough for it right now, try walking. It’s great.

Walking to Burn The Most Body Fat

To make sure you make the most of your walking time, you need to follow these tips:

  1. Walk with a purpose – There are all kinds of walking. The way you walk when you shop shouldn’t be the same as the way you walk when you workout. These are totally different things. Remember, this is a workout so walk fast.
  2. Dress comfortably – Shoes are the most important piece of equipment for effective walking. The wrong shoes will torment you. Comfortable shoes will make your workout a lot more fun. Your clothes are also important as these can make or break your workout experience. Being able to sweat comfortably is very important. I love sport shirts which help evaporate your sweat faster. I personally use Adidas ClimaCool shirts. They’re excellent.
  3. Walk with music or a friend. This will help you fight off the boredom which often accompanies cardio workouts and help you make your workout longer.
  4. Make sure you walk at an incline at least part of the way. An incline can mean hundreds of more burned calories each workout. Try to avoid walking at a too steep decline as this places a lot of pressure on your knees.

Keeping Track of How You Walk

The most important tip I can give for people who want to make their walking an effective belly fat burning workout is to keep track of how much they walk. The best way to do that is to use a pedometer which counts your steps. You can get an excellent pedometer which is very affordable here: Omron HJ-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer

Using a pedometer is the best way to measure how effectively you’ve worked out. Otherwise, you really have no idea for how far you’ve been walking.

A pedometer keeps you accountable and it really help you to make your walking workout more effective.

The Big Picture

Of course, walking isn’t the only thing you need to do if you want to burn belly fat and get flat abs. You will also need to do strength workouts and to eat a lean and sensible diet. However, if you love walking, just do it. It’s great.

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