Reduce Your Waist With these slimming Exercises

slim tanned tight womanGetting a trim waistline is not a easy feat to accomplish. For many men and women this is a major trouble spot where fat seems to cling, not to easily melt away.

To help you tone your waist I want to share with you some waist reducing and slimming exercises. Doing these will help you trim your waist and get a more beautiful figure, the kind that lets you wear tanktops or bikinis with pride and pleasure.

Waist Trimming Exercises

Some of these exercises will require some form of equipment and they do vary in difficulty. Even if you’re not fit enough to do all of these exercises effectively, don’t let this discourage you. Get started with what you can do and you’ll gradually build strength and see results.

That being said, let’s go into the exercises…

Cable side crunch

This exercise is similar to the side bend but done with a cable pulley in the gym. You place the handle at the lowest position, arrange your weight, grab the handle with one hand and place the other on your hip. Stand at a 90 degree angle to the pulley handle you’re holding.

The movement is simple: Just bend away from the pulley to the side. Don’t shift your hips. Make sure the movement comes from the waist alone. Don’t forget to switch sides.

Bicycle crunches

bicycle crunchesOne of the best oblique and waist slimming exercises is the Bicycle Crunch.

As you can see in the picture to the left, the exercise looks pretty straightforward. However, it is a challenging exercise that can get you huffing and puffing in a hurry.

This is a dual-movement exercise. You start it by placing both hands behind your head, raising both legs in the air, and bending one knee.

The movement is to bring the opposite elbow toward the bent knee. You then switch sides, bending the other leg and bringing the second elbow toward it, while straightening the first leg. This way you’re working both sides of the waist. This is also an excellent stomach exercise for the central muscles as well.

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Exercise Ball Side Crunch

The side crunch is an effective waist toning exercise because targets the waist specifically.

As you can see in the picture, you lie on your side on a stability ball with both feet on the ground.

Then, you simply crunch to the side, bending into your waist, really pressing it to get the full effect of this exercise.

Russian twist

russian twistThe Russian Twist is one of the hardest oblique and waist exercises there is. However, it also brings results and can really improve your strength big time.

To do the Russian Twist you need a stability ball.

You start the exercise by lying on the ball straight on your back with both feet firmly planted on the ground and slightly apart from each other. Hold your hands together with outstretched arms or hold a fitness ball.

Turn your upper body fully to the side without lifting your feet until you’re lying almost entirely on your side. Feel the clench in your waist and return to the starting position. Then, turn to the other side.

This exercise requires a lot of stability so it works the core muscles but may take some time to master. Be patient, work at it, and you’ll quickly improve at it.

Seated Twists

Sit on a chair or better yet, on a stability ball. Make sure your back is straight and your eyes looking forward. Hold your arms stretched out in front of you.

Now, slowly turn your upper body to one side as far as it would go. Hold and then return to the starting position and continue turning until you reach the other side.

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Decline torso twists

This exercise is similar to the seated twists but is much harder to do. You sit on the floor with your legs bent comfortable and both feet on the ground. You lower your upper body backward until it’s at a 45 degree angle to the floor. This creates a lot of stress on your abs so it’s already working your stomach.

Now, twist your torso slowly from one side to the other, holding the more extreme position on either side. Make sure to not bend your back and to not use your leg and hip muscles, just your abs and waist.

Windshield Wipers

To do the windshield wipers exercise, you need to lie on the floor with your legs straight in the air. Make sure your lower back is pressed tightly to the floor.

The movement is simple: just let your legs fall to one side, hold them in mid-fall with your waist muscles, bring them back up to the starting position and let them fall to the other side in the same fasion. This is one of the best waist exercises there is.

Waist Trimming Belts

I can’t end this article without writing a little about waist trimming belts. I don’t believe in electric ab and waist belts. I think that most of them are useless if not outright false. There is no magical way to lose waist fat. You need to workout hard, eat healthy, and give it time. Don’t fall for any gadget, gizmo, or contraption that’s promoted with promises that are too good to be true.

In addition, know that no waist exercises alone can get you a tight waist. You need to work your entire body to burn the most body fat. If you do all that, you will also reduce your waist.

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This is awesome! I have been engaging in some of these exercises for quite sometime and I do see and feel a difference. Thank you very much!


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