Pallof Press – Why Is It Good And How To Do It Right

One of the least known core and ab exercises that I know of is the Pallof Press. This exercise is named after John Pallof.

What Pallof came up with is a simple-looking but rather challenging core and abdominal exercise.

Watch this short demonstration and then read below for instructions and explanation about this exercise:

Now, why exactly is this an awesome core exercise?

It has to do with the force that the cable exerts on your body.

As you can see, the woman in the video is standing with her side to the weight rack. The cable is pulling her to the side, a force which is amplified when she presses the handle forward from her body.

To hold the cable and herself straight, the core and ab muscles need to work continuously.

I like the Pallof Press as much as I like nearly all static core and abdominal exercises.

Exercises such as the Pallof Press, planks, and side planks, are perfect for people who suffer from back pain or discomfort when they perform exercises such as crunches or hanging leg raises.

How to Do a Pallof Press

1. Grab the pulley cable after setting the weight you’ll be working with.

2. Pull the cable and stand with your side toward the weight rack (you will switch sides later).

3. Stand with your feet slightly over shoulder-width apart and bend your knees.

4. Press the cable in front of you.

5. Tighten your abs and hold the cable steady in front of you.

6. Hold for 5-7 seconds and release.

7. Repeat the exercise 10 times on each side.

This is how you do the Pallof Press, a recommended abs exercise. Try it during your next gym workout.

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