Exercises to Get Rid of Love Handles

Love handles may have a delightful name but most people hate them. They make us look unfit, chubby, and make wearing some clothes unfashionable.

Some people have a decent looking stomach but still can’t manage to lose those obstrusive bulges of fat at their waist line.

So, how do you lose love handles?

The answer is two-fold:

1. You need to burn off body fat in order to lose waist fat as well. This requires you to do body fat burning exercises and to eat healthy. Remember, there is no way to spot reduce fat from your waist or any other part of your body. You will burn off body fat and your love handles will reduce as well.

2. You can tone your waist line with specific love handles exercises. These will help you to achieve that firm and sleek look we all crave.

Exercises to lose Love Handles

Some of the best exercises to burn off love handles are actually abs workouts. These target the oblique muscles which run at the sides of your abdomen. This means that anything that helps to burn belly fat also helps to lose inches off your waist.

Here are some great obliques and love handles exercises:

Side Plank

side plank womanThe side plan is a variation of the regular plank exercise only this targets the obliques and love handles. You see a picture of the entire exercise to your left.

Basically, you lie on your side and then raise yourself up with your hand on the floor or your entire forearm.

Make sure to maintain a straight line with your body at all times. Then, breathe normally and hold this position for as long as you can. It will help you tone those love handles. Of course, don’t forget to switch sides.

 Knee To Elbow crunch

knee to elbow crunch exerciseThe Knee to elbow crunch is another abs exercise which also works the love handles.

You begin this exercise by lying on the floor and placing your hands on both sides of your head. Your legs should be straight and on the floor.

The movement is simple: you rotate your upper body upwards and to one side, and bend the opposite leg so that your right elbow draws closer to your left knee. You return to the starting position and change sides.

Make sure to keep your back firmly on the floor to avoid back pain.

 Sideways Bend

You begin the sideways bend by standing upright with your feet slightly apart. You then place one hand on your hip for support and bend to the side with the other hand stretched down along your leg in the direction of the floor.

This targets the waist and can easily be done at home even while watching TV.

You can make this exercise a bit more difficult by grabbing a dumbbell in the hand stretches along your leg to the ground.

Don’t try to bend too much and try not to sway your hips when your making this movement.

Remember to switch sides and do a few repetitions to make sure you get a substantial stimulation to your waist muscles.

Sideways Crunch

Young Woman Doing Stomach CrunchThe side crunch is similar to the elbow to knee crunch only this time your feet remain firmly on the floor.

You begin this exercise like you would a regular sit-up but instead of raising your body straight, you raise it and twist it slightly to one side to work the obliques.

Then, you return to the starting position and work the other side. Maintain a straight neck throughout this exercise to avoid straining it.

In Conclusion

Use these exercises to tone your love handles and waistline. But if you really want to lose waist fat you will need to do fat burning workouts and maintain a healthy diet.

I recommend working with the Truth About Six Pack Abs program or the Your Six Pack Quest program (if you prefer video tutorials) for the best and quickest results.

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