List Of Processed Food That May Make You Fat

If you want to lose belly fat and get flat abs then you need to remember that diet is king. There is just no other way to put it. You can work all you want in the gym but if your nutrition is not top notch then you will never lose enough stomach fat and get the kind of abs you want.

In this article I want to present you with a list of processed food that may make you fatter, sicker, more tired, prone to allergies, and a whole collection of other problems and illnesses.

This list is by no means conclusive or complete. However, for anyone who wishes to be healthy and burn tummy fat, cutting these foods down to a bear minimum is a must.

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But why am I picking on processed foods? What is the big deal?

There’s no doubt that processed and packaged foods have become a highly popular choice for millions of people. In this modern lifestyle with so many work hours, obligations, traffic, chores, fatigue, buying a pre-made meal and just popping it into the microwave can save you a lot of time, energy, hassle, and worry.

However, there are many problems with these foods:

1. When food is processed it can lose a lot of its nutritional value. You may wind up eating something because you know that it contains all sorts of nutrients but these have all been lost in the processing and packaging. You may wind up with a deficiency of some sort if you’re not aware of the truth.

2. Food companies want to boost their profits so they tend to pump all sorts of preservatives and chemicals into their products in order for them to have the longest shelf life possible.

3. Often, to make these dishes taste good, sodium, salt, trans-fat, and other nasty stuff is added to these dishes. They sure taste good but they also make you fat. This are not the best eating habits that you should develop.

4. You also need to watch out for food products that are made in foreign countries who may have less strict health codes and laws. Although there is no room for panic, being vigilant can pay off in the long run.

Processed Foods list

So, what are some of the main foods that you need to avoid? I’m not going to name brand names as these may prove to be too many for this short article but I will provide you with a list of “food types” that you’d do best to avoid if you wish to get flat abs.

Here is the list, disregard it at your peril:

  • Canned Food of any kind is not equal to fresh food.
  • Frozen Pizzas. Usually high in fat and calories.
  • Fish Sticks may be full of chemicals
  • Frozen fruit salad. Why would you even consider eating this?
  • Frozen or refrigerated vegetables – Lose a lot of benefits
  • Foods with processed sugar
  • Artificial sweeteners. Often can make you fat. Stevia should be alright.
  • Anything with edible colors. These are chemicals you should avoid.
  • Sugary beverages are rich in empty calories.
  • Non fresh juices (freshly squeezed juice is alright)
  • Ready made dinners
  • Instant soups and dishes. Better to make your own
  • pocket sandwiches
  • Potato chips. High in sodium.
  • Cheese snacks
  • Snack bars
  • Frozen meats
  • Canned pasta

Overall, you’d do better to avoid processed and packaged foods entirely. It’s much healthier, tastier, and better for you to eat fresh, home cooked meals. Yes, they take some time and effort but they’re worth it.

Often, home cooked food is actually cheaper than packaged food, so you’re not just saving pounds off your waist but money as well.

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