Fat Burning Kitchen Review

fat burning kitchen coverThe Fat Burning Kitchen ebook is a nutrition manual written by Mike Geary (the author of the Truth About Abs program) and Catherine Ebeling, a nutrition expert.

As the sub-heading of the Fat Burning Kitchen ebook tells, the purpose of this guide is to help you “make your body a fat-burning machine”.

This is indeed a bold claim and you should not expect any quick-fix miracles from this guide.

However, it is true that your nutrition is the key to your weight loss success and if you change it into the right one, you can expect to boost your metabolism and internal fat burning processes on the one hand and to stop your body from accumulating useless fat on the other.

The problem is that today’s world is filled with shady advertisement and blatant scams. Even respectable food companies tend to paint a rosy picture when it comes to promoting their products. This is often a way too rosy picture and not even close to the reality.

The result is that the general public (me included) fall prey to many nutrition myths. We believe certain foods are good for us when they’re not. We believe that some foods are good for weight loss when, in fact, they can make us fatter and fatter.

So, it’s not so easy to maintain a healthy fat burning diet these days. This is what the Fat Burning Kitchen ebook comes to change. Prepare for a few surprises when you read this book. It is going to change how you look at food and help you make healthier choices.

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Fat Burning Kitchen Authors

The authors of Fat Burning Kitchen are Mike Geary (whose Truth About Abs program has been used by over 261,000 people in over 146 countries worldwide) and Catherine Ebeling a notable nutritionist. It is no doubt that both authors are experts in their field and know a thing or two about healthy nutrition and how food can help you shed body and belly fat.

Fat Burning Kitchen Overview

I have a copy of Fat Burning Kitchen. It is a 121 pages guide which is divided into 2 main parts:

Part #1: This part focuses on the food that you SHOULD NOT eat if you want to make maximum use of your body’s natural fat burning capabilities. Part 1 is made up of 10 carefully laid out chapters. Each chapter describes why one specific or group of foods are bad for your body.

The adverse effects of these foods can be both to your health and to your overall ability to shed body fat fast. Some of the food in this part may surprise you as there are some nutritional myths which are exposed here.

Some of the main culprits exposed here are: foods made with refines flour, certain artificial sweeteners, farm raised fish, and some sports and energy drinks.

Once you finish going through part 1, you’ll have a great idea on how to clear your kitchen of all the nasty, useless, fattening food that you may be eating today.

Part #2: This part focuses on the food that you SHOULD eat if you want to burn fat faster. Simply put, these are foods which help you be healthier, boost your energy, and allow your body to function as it should and so to burn more calories and fat faster.

This part is made up of 13 chapters which tell the story of a group of healthy fat burning food items that you should eat. You may find a lot of food items here that you don’t eat on a regular basis and it’s high time you began doing just that.

Some of the recommended food items in part 2 are: certain berries, avocados, cocnut oil, dark chocolate, and a review of healthy sweeteners.

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The entire guide is written in a clear and easy to understand language. There are also some recipes included in some of the chapters to give you tasty and healthy combinations to begin using today.

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