Dumbbell Exercises to Lose Stomach Fat

If you’ve read some of the articles on this website, particularly the one about exercise myths, you know that the real way to lose belly fat and get flat abs is through a general approach, treating your body as one component and trying to lose the most fat from it in general.

This is why you don’t need to just do stomach exercises, you should train your entire body. This is why I believe that the following exercises may help you to accelerate your fat burning rate and burn more belly flab fast, using dumbbells.

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Here are some dumbbell exercises to lose belly fat fast


squatThe squat is one of my ultimate calorie burning strength exercises. There’s something about it that simply makes the heart beat jump way up and for your sweat to begin poring.

Have no doubt, just because the squat is a lower body exercise it does not mean that you’re not losing belly fat as well.

The squat is an awesome exercise in its own right. Doing it with a dumbbell in each hand just makes it that much harder. You don’t need to use heavy weights for a squat. Anything to make it more intensive should work out nicely.

The squat does place a big strain on the lower back and knees so make sure to do it slowly, securely, maintain a straight back, and not to go down too low. A 90 degree squat is quite enough to get an excellent effect.


lungeThe lunge is similar to the squat in that it works the lower body and in that it is an intensie exercise that helps you burn lots of calories.

To do the squat with dumbbells, you need to make sure you’re using a weight that will not make you lose balance while performing the exercise.

Again, don’t pack on weight needlessly. You’re not trying to build massive quadraceps, but trying to do this exercise in the correct form to burn lots of calories.

Make sure to keep your back straight at all times and don’t overextend your stride to prevent your bent knee from moving too much forward which will increase the tension on it.

Back Rows

The dumbbell one hand back row is an excellent exercise to tone the back. However, there is one variation that turns this into an awesome belly exercise as well.

To do this variation you need to place two dumbbells on the ground before you about should width apart. Assume a push-up like position but instead of placing your palms flat on the ground, grab one dumbbell handle in each hand.

The movement is simple but hard: you lift one dumbbell off the ground and pull your elbow back in a rowing motion until the dumbbell is close to touching the side of your ribcage.

You’re holding yourself up with one arm and your abs so you’re also getting a strength abdominal stimulation in the process. This is one of the best dumbbell exercises to lose belly fat.

I recommend getting used to this exercise using light weights as it can be very hard to do.

Dummbell Swings

I love to combine different exercises into one to get an added effect. This is why one of my favorite dumbbell exercises is the squat + dumbbell swing.

This exercise requires just one dumbbell to perform. You hold the dumbbell with both hands before your body. You go into a squat, letting the dumbbell hang between your legs. When you rise back to starting position, swing the dumbbell up above your head.

This works the lower body, upper body, and burns lots of calories and fat.

In Conclusion

Using dumbbells to lose more tummy fat is something that can be done with a wide range of exercises. The ones I included in this article are a mere sample. They provide a much better effect than many more expensive products such as the Flex Belt or the Contour Abs belt do.

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