Does Running Reduce Belly Fat

running womanRunning is one of the most popular cardio workouts in the world. Millions of people do it day after day to get fit and lose fat.

But if you’re worried mostly about your abs and stomach fat you may be wondering if this is the workout you need to be doing.

So, the question this short article deals with is whether running reduces belly fat and will it help you get flat abs.

In a previous article I mentioned some tips onrunning to lose belly fat in the most effective way possible. However, I didn’t touch upon how running burns fat and whether your goal of getting a flat stomach will be served by it. This is what I want to discuss here…

Running burns body fat

The truth is that running does help to lose belly fat. However, there’s nothing magical or focused about it as running just burns a lot of body fat in general.

In another article on this site that discussescommon exercise myths, I talked about how it’s virtually impossible to pick and choose which body part will lose fat. Your body works as one unit: if you have a calorie deficit you lose weight and fat. You don’t get to choose from where specifically. This depends on your genetics, for the most part.

Running is NOT some magical workout with which to reduce belly fat specifically. It is just an awesome fat burning workout in general.

I do recommend running in order to lose stomach fat. It’s an awesome workout that is very intensive and can help you burn lots of calories and fat. However, I don’t like it when people start talking about running or any other cardio workout or strength exercise as if this is the one true way to get flat abs. It is simply not true.

You have to look at this in context: running or jogging on a regular basis will help you to lose body fat. It can’t do it alone. If you expect to be able to get firm, flat abs  just by going on a run a few times a week or even every day, you’re headed for disappointment.

You need to do much more than that to get perfect abs. You have to follow ahealthy eating plan which gives you the energy you need to workout properly and accelerates the fat burning process. You need to do strength training to boost your metabolism and you need to train your abs.

In conclusion

Grab a pair of comfortable shoes and go out and run. Have fun while you’re doing it. It can indeed help you to shed belly fat and lose weight. However, look at it in context and don’t forget to eat right and train right.

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