Does the Contour Abs Core Scultping System Really Work?

contour absIf you watch TV you may have wandered on the infomercial for the Contour Abs Core Scultping System and saw how it promised you that you can get the best abs you’ve ever had without ever having to do a single crunch, sit up, and with hardly any effort at all.

On this webpage I will write a complete review of the Contour Core Sculpting System and will finally show whether this product is a scam or whether it can actually work.

I will do so by going over the claims this website makes one by one until you know for sure whether you should get this product or not.

How does the Contour Abs belt work?

Contour Ab is one of many electric ab belts that are sold on the market. All these devices work with the same principle:

  • You put a belt around your midsection
  • This belt has batteries and it runs an electric current through your skin.
  • This current causes the muscles to contract involuntarily.
  • This is supposed to provide you with an effortless workout and help you lose inches off your waist.

One of the biggest claims of all ab belts is that the work on well known and proven scientific and medical principles. It is true that EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) has been used for decades in rehabilitation of injuries. Now, the creators of the Contour ab Core Sculpting System claim that they’ve created a product that can work for healthy muscles and help them get an effective workout without any real effort.

I’ve actually discussed this issue with a certified Physical Therapist and she informed me in no uncertain terms that the claim that EMS can work for healthy muscles and get them any real results is problematic if not outright false.

The reason why this can work for rehablitation is that it only requires a weak current to work with injured muscles. To work with healthy muscles and give them a strain that even remotely resembles that of conventional ab exercises you will need a very strong current, the kind that most people won’t be able to stand. Think about sticking your finger into a socket. That kind of thing. For that reason I can’t see how the Core Scultping System can give you any kind of effective workout.

Maybe, if you’re totally weak you might get some stimulation, but this will not be enough to get noticeable results.

The biggest myth in the world

The main reason why people buy this ab belt or any other is that the informercials do an awesome job of making this seem like an great product by getting sexy men and women to parade around in it in relaxing poses, making it seem like it’s possible to get flat abs without doing anything.

Let me state that I don’t believe for a moment that any of the models with six packs or flat abs on any infomercial for any ab machine, this one included, to have gotten these kinds of abs without making a tremendous effort. I am positive they had their abs before ever being hired to appear in the infomercial for the Contour Core Sculpting System.

The reason why I know this to be true is also another factor in my determination that this machine can’t deliver on its promises: it’s the spot reduction myth.

While you can do all the crunches, sit ups, hanging leg raises, and planks that you want and they may indeed strengthen your abs, you can’t reduce fat from your abs by doing stomach exercises. You can tone your abs a bit but unless you get rid of the belly fat, you will never be able to lose inches off your waist or get the flat abs you see on the models on infomercials.

Our body doesn’t burn fat just from the body part we train. It simply doesn’t work that way. You either burn fat from all over your body or not at all. Ab exercises can’t burn off belly fat specifically which is why an electric belt like the Contour Ab Core Sculpting System can’t help to reduce your waist line. It will simply not work.It can’t work!

What it can do is help you to strengthen your abs somewhat. This is possible. This may be enough for you to buy it.

Whether you do buy the Contour Abs or not, I highly recommend to also eat according to a fat burning eating plan. You will simply not get the results you’re looking for with any ab belt without also following a healthy diet plan.

Facts about the Contour Core Sculpting System

Let’s go over some facts about this product, see what you get, and find out the pros and cons of it.

What you get

  • The actual contour belt which is supposed to fit all sizes of people.
  • 4 AAA batteries (which don’t seem to be rechargeable)
  • M2 controller
  • A travel bag (which is indeed a nice addition)
  • Operating manual
  • Gel pads to place against your skin.
  • 1 year warranty. This is actually an impressive time frame.
  • A diet manual.

The price

While the trial offer for $14.95 is pasted in huge letters on the official site, at the bottom, you can see the full price: after the trial if over you will need to pay 4 additional payments of $49.95 each month, bringing the total cost of this machine to well over $200. You can probably get a few abs programs for that price.


  • Easy to use
  • Can be used practically anywhere
  • Comes with a 1 year guarantee
  • May be useful for very unfit people


  • Won’t give you a truly effective workout
  • Can’t help to burn off belly fat specifically
  • Makes exaggerated claims
  • Expensive at over $200


In conclusion

To quote from the Contour Core Sculpting System site: “Diet or proper eating habits play a vital role to any visual changes desired.”

What this means is that these people are aware that your eating habits are the real key to lasting results.

All the results people do get come from working out, eating right, while using theContour Abs belt is just one more thing they do. I could tell you that you need to sleep in order to get flat abs, and don’t forget to workout and diet as well.

If you do choose to get this product for yourself, don’t forget to workout and eat right as well.

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