What is the Best Abs Exercise?

If you go into a gym anywhere in the world you will see people lying on mats or strapping themselves into abdominal machines and spending a great deal of time working the ab muscles.

The entire purpose is to flatten the stomach and get perfect looking abs. Yet, despite all the hours of effort and determination which people exhibit, most of them don’t see any true results from all those abs exercises.

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Because while working out the abs is important, the best abs exercise won’t be found on the mat or by using any abdominal exercise machine. The best abs workout isn’t targeted to strengthen the abs muscles but to burn stomach fat and this is what you need to remember.

All of those people who spend hours each week doing sit-ups by the hundreds have my sympathy. Really, my heart goes out to them. They workout like mad, spend all this time, and have little to show for it. I wish I could reach out to them all and teach them better, but I’ll settle for you.

Make sure that you focus on fat burning exercises and not on workouts which target the abs muscles. Of course, working the abs is important but it takes a distant second place to fat burning workouts.

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Don’t fall victim to the No. 1 Exercise Myth

There is a reason why people spend all that time doing endless sit ups and other abs focused workouts: they have fallen prey to the no. 1 exercise myth.

And indeed this myth seems logical. Very logical, which is why it is so common in the minds of people.

It’s the spot reduction myth. What this myth basically says is that if you want to burn fat from a specific body part, you need to exercise that muscle group as hard as you can.


You do increase muscle strength in a specific part of your body when you exercise that muscle group and not another, but you burn fat from your entire body as a whole and not from a specific body part.

We all burn fat according to our genetic makeup. Some of us have a tendency to pack on the pounds in the abdominal area, and some in other areas, but there is little you can do to ORDER your body to burn belly fat in particular. The body has a mind of its own.

You need to burn body fat in general and you belly flab will disappear as well. To do that, you need to exercise in the right way.

And the right way is to do full body weight training and fat busting cardio workouts. These will scorch the fat off you and help you flatten your stomach so it will look great.

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