Belly Fat Burning Workouts

Let me start by saying that if you came to this article looking to find specific stomach exercises, then you’re in for a surprise. If you’ve read my article oncommon exercise myths then you already know that you can’t spot reduce fat from a specific body part. So, belly exercises aren’t going to magically burn off belly fat for you. It’s not going to happen.

And the #1 thing which determines how your stomach is going to look is how much abdominal fat you’re carrying. How much your stomach muscles are toned and developed is important but takes a distant second place.

The truth is that to burn off body fat in general and belly fat, you’re far better off doing high intensity cardio workouts and full body strength training then just abs exercises. This article is all about strength exercises to burn fat.

The key is to work your entire body, do exercises which involve multiple muscle groups and are intensive by nature. You’re looking to burn calories during the workout and to increase muscle mass (you don’t have to bulk up). More muscle mass means a higher metabolism, so you will also burn more fat after the workouts, even while you sleep.


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Here are some of my favorite strength exercises (make sure to do them only after a warm up session):


woman doing a plankI decided to begin with an abs exercise, but this is a really good one.

The plank is a stationary exercise which develops core strength and tones the abs.

You see a picture of exactly how the plank is performed.

Make sure to keep your neck and back in a single straight line and hold your stomach in while breathing normally. If you can hold for 20-30 seconds, that’s great. This is a hard exercise to do.


squat graphicThis picture is a bit gross but it shows exactly how to perform the squat. To the left is the starting position and to the right the end position.

Notice that you keep your back straight and go down with your butt pushing backward.

You bend your knees until they’re just shy of being at 90 degree to the floor. This is done to minimize pressure on your knees and is an important safety tip.

The squat is a massive exercise since it works the entire lower body and is highly intensive. You don’t have to use dumbbells as in the picture. The squat is usually hard enough to do with body weight alone. Weights just add more resistence to the exercise.

Squats can help to burn a lot of body fat and belly flab. You can also do them in front of the TV at home.

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Chest Press

woman chest exerciseYou often see man doing the chest press with a barbell but you can do the same with dummbells and I happen to prefer dummbells to the barbell at almost any time.

I placed a picture of a woman doing the chest press because a lot of women think this is just a men exercise when it’s not.

Women can benefit a lot from this exercise, not just because it can add some lean muscle tissue to your body and help in the fat burning process, but also because those muscles help to support the breasts.

You see how the trainer makes sure that her elbows don’t go down too much? It’s a good way to prevent injury to the elbow joint.

You can do this with small weights at first and slowly build up.


lunge graphicThe lunge is similar to the squat since it works the lower body. Again, you work a wide range of motion with this exercise, increase muscle mass across several muscle groups and burn a lot of calories.

You see the starting position to the left and the end postion to the right. This exercise is done one leg at a time, so you need to rotate your legs to make sure you’ve worked them equally.

Again, don’t bend your knee too much to avoid placing too much strain on it. Maintain a straight back and eyes forward.

Dumbbells are optional here as well. You can get a lot of muscle stimulation with just your body weight.

Overall weight training

woman weights workoutWeight training is something which some people love and others hate. It’s important so if you hate it, I can only say “tough luck”. You don’t need to be a bodybuilder or bulk up, but you do need to work on your strength to remain healthy and to add on some muscle mass to help you burn calories faster.

Weight training workouts shouldn’t be long. They shouldn’t take more than 45-60 minutes tops. Make sure to work all of your muscle groups and use weights which provide you with enough stimulation.

Also, one tips you should always bear in mind: the gym is a place for working out and less for socializing. Try to focus on your workouts and they will improve and be over much faster.

Get it done right

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 A total Body workout

If you’re looking for a more complete workout to help you shed belly fat and not just seperate exercises, you can also check out the following, fat busting routine:Bodyweight 500 Workout.

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