Beer Belly Exercises To Flatten Your Abs

man with a beer bellyIn this article I want to talk about the best exercises that you need to do in order to get rid of your beer belly.

Regardless of the real causes of your beer belly, whether it is due to a lack of exercise or bad eating habits, the time has come to take determined action to lose your stomach flab and get back in shape. Your health depends on it.

Before we get to the exercises, let me just say that to really lose your beer belly and keep it off, you need to also maintain a healthy diet plan. Exercising without proper eating is not enough.

Effective Beer Belly Exercises

Most of the people who try to burn off their excess belly fat through exercises go about it in a totally wrong way. Their main focus is on doing targeted belly exercises, whether with ab machines or by themselves.

I wouldn’t say that they’re totally wasting their time but this isn’t so far from the truth. To try to lose your beer belly by doing crunches, sit-ups, or using some ab fitness gadget is a road to frustration and mediocre results at best.

The reason is that you don’t have a beer belly because your stomach muscles are weak or under-developed. You simply have too much fat around your abdomen.

But wouldn’t ab exercises take care of this fat?

The answer is no.

The idea that working certain muscles will burn off the fat which is close to those muscles does seem logical. However, it is simply not realistic. The reality is that you can’t choose from where your body will burn off fat. The body part you train is not the body part from which fat stores will be removed.

Your body burns off fat from all over. What you need to do is burn the most body fat you can and you will also get rid of your beer belly.

So, you need the most effective fat burning exercises to help you burn off the most fat. These are the best beer belly exercises as well.

Ab exercises can be effective in toning your muscles but, as a whole, they’re not the most effective fat burners you can find.

The things you should do include intense cardio workouts such as running, rowing, swimming, aerobic classes, kickboxing, outdoor cycling, hiking, and so on.

These tend to be more effective workouts and, if done right, can burn off lots of body fat and help you get flatter abs.

In addition, you also need to be doing strength training for your entire body. You should focus on doing compound exercises that work more than a single muscle group as these tend to be more intense and burn more calories.

I’m talking about exercises such as squats, lunges, pull ups, lat pull downs, push-ups, dumbbell rows, seated rows, bridges, dumbbell swings, deadlifts, and so on.

Naturally, you need to consult with your doctor to make sure you’re physically able to do these exercises and you should use a structured plan such as the Truth About Abs program to create a workout routine for yourself, but this is the way to exercise to lose a beer belly.

I know it may see like this is a huge challenge and you can’t succeed. This is an illusion. Take the first step and then another and then another and you will see how you get slimmer and slimmer. You can do this. It’s up to you.

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