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ab rocketOne of the most heavily advertised pieces of abs exercise equipment is the Ab Rocket. If you watch TV you may have seen its rather long infomercial on many shopping channels.

The AbRocket promises to help you burn off belly fat, tone your abs, and even give you a massage while you’re working with it, all the while without straining your back and neck as regular sit-ups do.

But does the Ab Rocket exerciser really work or is it just a scam? Is it worth the price or is there a better option?

I wouldn’t want to call the Ab Rocket a scam since that’s a harsh statement, but I do want to point out certain things about this product which you may be interested in…

What Does the AbRocket Promises

The infomercials of the AbRocket exerciser are specific about what this product should do for you. It’s meant to help you burn belly fat, lose inches from your waist line, and tone your abs to a sleek and sexy stomach.

The Ab Rocket is made of a seat with back cushions that are supposed to give you a massage while you’re working out.

It has 3 resistence levels and comes with some small bonsues like several meal recipes and a workout DVD.

You basically sit on it and workout while it supports your back and neck as you can see in the picture to the right. You then do a movement similar to a basic crunch with it.

The price of the AbRocket is around $100- $120. This is actually more than twice the price of most ab programs.

You can get the AbRocket on several sites and find a good deal on Amazon if you want to, if you click the following link: Ab Rocket on Amazon, but I suggest reading the rest of this review first.

Does the Ab Rocket Work and Can it Deliver Results?

In my mind, the question of whether or not the AbRocket delivers on its promises is secondary to the question of can it deliver at all.

As the Ab Rocket is not a total workout machine but works the abs alone, the promise it holds is based on the assumption that you can achieve spot fat reduction. This is simply not true, and is in fact one of the greatest exercise mythsin the world.

How To Really Burn Belly Fat?

man with ab rocketYou burn far from all over your body or not at all. It can’t be done otherwise. So, I just don’t see how the AbRocket can help to burn off belly fat specifically. The body just doesn’t work that way.

To get perfect abs, you need to burn off belly fat. Otherwise, it won’t matter how strong your abs become, you will have a layer of belly flab covering them up, hiding them from the world.

I believe that the AbRocket doesn’t deal with the root of the problem which is getting rid of stomach fat. It may help to workout the belly muscles, but it just won’t be able to help you achieve a flat stomach. That’s my opinion.

I believe that the true way to get flat abs if through the right combination of full body workouts, fat burning exercises, and the right nutrition.

Ab Rocket Testimonials

I scoured the web to get some samples of testimonials from people who’ve used the AbRocket themselves. Some of them are good and some are bad, as of the time of this writing, it has 156 reviews on Amazon but gets only 3.5 stars out of a possible 5 stars rating, not the best rating for an exercise machine costing $100-$120. In addition, a number of problems were apparent.

It’s up to you to decide whether these problems make the $100 investment in the Ab Rocket exerciser a worthwhile thing to do.

1. People complained that the resistence levels on this abs machine were just not enough. They soon outgrew them. This is a major problems with many machines. They tend to be a temporary fix at best.

2. The back cushions don’t really give you a massage, which is one of the things the marketers of the AbRocket advertise heavily.

3. The Ab Rocket isn’t that comfortable for people of all sizes. Yes, you can adjust it somewhat, but like all machines, some were just not built for you.

Why an Ab Program may Be Better than an Ab Machine

I believe that to get real lasting results you need to invest in knowledge before you invest in equipment. After all, if you don’t know how things work no equipment will help, right?

Acquiring abs knowledge is the way to learn how to combine the right workouts with the correct nutritional guidelines to produce a fast fat burning process and to really flatten that stomach.

Here are a few advantages why an online ab program may be better than an ab exercise machine like the Abs Rocket:

1. It doesn’t take up room.

2. It doesn’t wear, tear, or break.

3. It’s often easier to get support for an online program than for an ab machine.

4. No shipping costs.

5. Provides detailed knowledge which is good for all fitness goals.

6. Ab programs are actually cheaper than most ab machines.

In Conclusion

The AbRocket exhibits many of the general problems of Abs Machines. I always favor abs knowledge over abs equipment. Knowledge doesn’t break, doesn’t crack, doesn’t take room, and stays with you forever.

That’s why I recommend learning all you can on how to burn belly fat and get flat abs. This is the real way to get results.

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