Ab Lounge Review – Is It Really Effective?

ab loungeThe Ab Lounge is an abdominal fitness product that has been widely popular for a number of years now in a variety of models (sport, XL, and Ultra).

In this review of the Ab Lounge, I want to share with you my opinion of this product, whether it really works, what it can do, and its pros and cons. I hope that this will give you a clearer picture of whether this product is right for you or not.

Also known as the Ab Lounger, this product allows you to do crunches above the floor with the fabric supporting your back and neck.

You have a strap at the top whch you hold with your hands, and leg handles underwhich you curl your feet for support. The back rest goes down below the 180 degree angle (with your chest lower than your back) so you can do long range crunches.

What is the Ab Lounge Supposed To Do

As with other infomercials, the advertising campaign for the Ab Lounge creates an expectation of incredible results. You can see a lot of great looking models with perfect flat abs using the macine with a smile on their face. It makes you think how this product can help you burn off belly fat quickly and tone and flatten those ab muscles.

The reality, of course, is a bit more complicated than that. While the Ab Lounge does let you do ab crunches, which do work and strengthen the abs, it is not a good way to burn off belly fat.

To burn off fat you need to do high intensity, calorie burning workouts which include cardio and strength training exercises. As you can’t spot reduce fat from your abs, there is no logic in the assumption that ab exercises will burn off a lot of belly fat.

This is true for any ab machine, be it the Ab Lounge, Ab Circle Pro, etc. If you’re thinking about buying this ab machine to burn belly fat, you’re dreaming.

The main claimed benefits of the Ab Lounge are:

  1. It helps people with bad backs who don’t like to do crunches on the floor.
  2. Because you can overextend your back to over 180 degrees, the crunch is longer and so, more effective as well.

Let’s see what the reality is:

Back Pain

It’s true that some people dislike doing crunches as it strains their back and neck. There are other exercises that can be done on the floor, for free, without straining the back such as reverse crunches and leg lifts.

It’s true that using the Ab Lounge is easier than going down on the floor and climbing up from it again. This is especially true for overweight people. This may be a benefit.

It should be noted that none of these loungers are good for all sizes of people. In addition, they only support so much weight: the Ab Lounge Sport and XL support up to 275 lbs while the Ultra is limited to 250. Keep that in mind.

More effective crunches

It’s true that doing crunches from an overextended position may be harder than doing them from a horizontal position. However, overextending your back also poses some risk of injury and pain. You’re placing a lot of stress on your lower back, something which I don’t recommend.

In addition, I doubt that the average person really needs the extra tension in every crunch. The main thing keeping you from having a flat belly is the excess fat, not weak abdominal muscles. Simply burn off the fat and you will have a flatter stomach.

That being said, it is true that if you find that crunches strain your back or neck, the Ab Lounge can help you do a more comfortable crunch.

Ab Lounge Pros and Cons




  • Ab Lounge exercises options are pretty limited to the crunch.
  • If the fabric tears of wears out, it’s difficult to replace it and the machine can’t be used.
  • Doesn’t help you deal with belly fat.
  • May not be right for tall or short people.


In Conclusion

If you feel like having the Ab Lounge at home (be it the sport, ultra, or XL models, the first is the cheapest) will help you do more crunches and train your abs better, go ahead and get it. It costs less than a $100, so it may not be the biggest purchase on your mind.

However, don’t expect any outstanding results. To lose inches off your belly and burn abdominal fat, you will need more than what this product offers, namely a good diet plan and a total body workout routine.

Note: It seems that marketing of the Ab Lounge 2 has ceased. I couldn’t find it on Amazon at all.

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