Ab King Pro Review – Does It Work?

ab king proOne of the most talked about stomach fitness equipment is the Ab King Pro.

Like many stomach exercise machines, this piece of equipment has an elaborate and well crafted infomercial which makes pretty bold claims.

However, we all know that some infomercials stretch the truth somewhat, so I wanted to do my own research into the Ab King Pro to see what it’s worth and help you make the right decision about it.

So, before you spend over $100 on this fitness equipment, I recommend reading this complete Ab King Pro Review.

This review is based on the research I did online as well as my own knowledge into how our body really burns belly fat.

How the Ab King Pro is supposed to work

The Ab King Pro isn’t really an abs machine since it’s basically a workout bench with a bar you can grab with your arms. You just lie on the bench, grasp the bar handle, and place your legs on the floor or on the foot rest.

What you can do with this machine are basically crunches, either for your main stomach muscles or for your obliques in a similar way to what you would do when lying on the floor.

Your neck is supported on the bench, but your lower back isn’t because it breaks away from the bench when you’re doing the crunch.

The infomercial claims that in just 3 minutes of workout a day (combined with regular exercise and a sensible diet) you’ll get flat abs and reduce love handles in days.

This is where things begin to seem unrealistic. You can’t promise anyone to get results in days. This is sheer marketing, not scientific fitness reality. In addition, the creators of the Ab King Pro specifically state that you have to combine using it with regular exercise and a sensible diet which makes it hard to judge what role the AbKingPro really plays in the results people get.

The total cost of this device is around $150 which is much more expensive than most ab programs.

Ab King Pro 200 Degrees range of Motion

One of the things which is emphasized on the infomercial for the Ab King Pro is that it allows you to work your abs in a 200 degrees range of motion. You can basically make the bench go lower than horizontal and so you stretch your stomach more fully than with other machines or the floor for that matter and get a harder workout.

I have 2 things to say about this:

1. Yes, it is a harder exercise if you hyper-extend your back, which means making it bend backwards.

2. Hyper-extending your back is one of the least recommended things to do if you care about maintaing a healthy back. Hyper-extending your back can cause serious harm and grave back pain. So, I hate it that the Ab King Pro has a 200 degree range of motion. For me this is no advantage. The risk of serious back injury outweighs the added difficulty of the crunches you can do.

Can You Lose Belly Fat with The Ab King Pro/h2>
The infomercial leads you to believe that you can lose belly fat by working out with the Ab King Pro. This is something which I believe is FALSE!

You can’t spot reduce fat from a specific body part. It’s just not the way our body works and this has been proven scientifically.

What this means is that no matter how hard you work your stomach, you will not burn off belly fat specifically but lose fat from all over your body.

To really get rid of belly flab you need to focus on doing the most fat burning exercises and to watch what you eat. That’s why the infomercial for the Ab King Pro itself states that results are achieved only when it is combined with the right diet and regular exercise.

You see, by itself, the Ab King Pro can’t help you to burn off tummy fat. It just can’t. To do that you need 3 things:

1. Do intensive fat burning cardio workouts.

2. Do full body strength training to increase metabolism and burn off more fat.

3. Follow a sensible and healthy diet to keep yourself lean.

Since the Ab King Pro only gives you an abs workout, it can’t really get you flat abs. It doesn’t work your other body parts and doesn’t give you a cardio stimulation. It can’t get you the results you seek. You need a more comprehensive solution for that.

Is the Ab King Pro a Scam

I wouldn’t go as far as say that the Ab King Pro is a scam. It can give you a solid stomach workout. However, it can’t give you flat abs all by itself.

Stretching the truth in infomercials is just advertisement and marketing and there’s nothing you or I can do about it. It’s just the world we live in.

Ab King Pro Reviews Pro and Cons

Reviews of the Ab King Pro are mixed. Some people love it and some hate it. Therefore there are complains as well as good things to say about it.


1. Give you a hard abs workout

2. Folds easily under your bed

3. Can work the regular abs and the obliques

4. Provides support for your neck.


1. The material which this machine is made up of is mediocre at best.

2. It has a weight limit of 275 pounds

3. It can’t be used conveniently by tall or short people. If you’re overly tall or short, you may find it hard to use.

4. Doesn’t seem to be much better than doing crunches on the floor

5. May cause back pain and back injury

6. Cannot give you flat abs all by itself.

My Recommendation

I believe that you can do a similar workout to the one the Ab King Pro provides on the floor or a mat. I don’t believe the 200 degrees range of motion is an advantage but a disadvantage and may cause back injury.

If you believe that by having it in your home that you will use it and workout more, than it may be worth the price. However, I don’t really think that you should spend so much money on what is simply a workout bench with a bar handle.

You need to do full body workouts, cardio, and eat right to get flat abs. The Ab King Pro is far from a complete solution and isn’t worth the $150 or so it will cost you.

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